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Authentic Carriage Garage Doors

Historical Charm Returns to America.

Lost style is finally found again in vintage carriage garage doors. Although garages make up a large percentage of a home’s appearance they have often been an overlooked, crucial element of exterior design. These days, Americans are seeing the need to improve curb appeal and add value to their homes, thus this trend is fast-changing. Enter, authentic, swing out carriage garage doors.

Carriage doors take us back to a simpler, elegant time in history

Before the automobile, horse-drawn carriages were relied upon for travel. These carriages were often kept in what was known as a carriage house. When the days of horse and buggy came to a close, many people still carried a sense of nostalgia and fondness for the look of the carriage houses. Today, this nostalgia is reawakening for those with the desire to add an element of elegance and class to a home’s design and appearance.

Are carriage garage doors practical in these modern times?

Swing out carriage garage doors are designed and built to replicate the classic and historic feel of the carriage house doors of the past. These doors not only emulate the appearance but also the function of the original carriage house doors. Most historic carriage houses had side hung doors that would swing out to open. The modern version of the carriage house door opens in a similar fashion. Today's swing out carriage garage doors offer the home owner the much sought after vintage style and the convenience of remote operated door openers that we have come to enjoy. There is no need to settle for anything less.

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