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Crafting carriage doors is our business

Beautiful cherry interior sliding carriage doors built by Evergreen Carriage Doors

Evergreen Carriage Doors® custom crafts authentic out-swing and sliding carriage doors and either sliding barn doors or swing out barn doors. It's not just a sidelight of our business, it is what we excel in.

Often typical garage doors present the ugliest aspect of the home. We are in the business of changing that. We believe that the beauty of a home enhances life for those who live within and for those who see it in passing. No matter where you live, Evergreen Carriage Doors can help change the way you look at your garage.

The history and passion of Evergreen Carriage Doors

Evergreen's principal designer and founder, Richard "Dick" Hampton, has always loved homes with a history. He formed Evergreen Carriage Doors, LLC in 2005, and began the tradition of excellence and personal service that characterizes the company today.

Unfortunately, Dick's passion for his work came to an end shortly after he was diagnosed with cancer. He passed away in 2011 surrounded by his loving family. Before that day came he handed his beloved business over to his friend and master door builder, Cory Stratton.

Who we are today

Working with wood has also been one of Cory's greatest passions since he was a teenager. Thus he has had years of experience in woodworking and carpentry. He now runs this family-based business in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of western Montana. When he isn't hiking, biking, or camping in the majestic mountains that surround them, his total focus is on each and every door he builds, making sure that it receives the complete attention and meticulous craftsmanship that Evergreen Carriage Doors is known for.

How our customers feel about us

"The doors are beautiful… Thank you very much. It's also been our pleasure working with you. How pleasant and easy to transact with you." -- Marita, Milanville, Pennsylvania

"They look really beautiful. I'm really happy with them. And they were packed really well. The doors are working out great. I'm so happy with not only the doors and their craftsmanship, but also your handling of the business and your service." -- Dan, Alameda, California

"The doors look great. Thanks for the great service. I appreciate your excellent customer service, and this only reinforces my decision to get my doors from you. Thanks again for everything!" -- Tim, Oxford, Pennsylvania

"The doors arrived ... They look great. They look so nice that I convinced my wife that we should leave them natural. I can't wait to see them up. The transaction was handled very professionally and went very smoothly." -- Jim, East Norwalk, Connecticut

When only out-swing doors will do, Evergreen is the best option.

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